The fascination of jewels
Even as a child, Ingo Henn was fascinated by beautiful coloured gemstones while he grew up amongst gemstone dealers, stone cutters and goldsmiths at his parents’ traditional business located in the heart of the German gemstone industry. “Every time I touched a beautiful gemstone I was deeply struck by its enigmatic fascination,” says Ingo Henn. Ingo is the son of Hans-Jürgen Henn, one of the world’s leading gemstone dealers. He discovered his calling at a very early age: finding his natural talents, his love for the ‘beaux arts’ and his passion for jewellery. Following many years of intensive training, he finally graduated with the much sought-after title of ‘Master Goldsmith’. The meticulous methods of fabrication used in German production are an unwavering, steadfast part of his ethic.

In subsequent years, Ingo continued his international professional voyage, meeting many of the leading people and businesses in his industry. In the mid-90s, he established himself in London’s Hatton Garden jewellery district to launch the label Henn of London. There, he set up his showroom with its adjoining workshop to transform his vision into reality: harmonious jewellery design using exquisite coloured gemstones, hand-engraving, and artistic enamelling. The rare gemstones used by Ingo Henn are derived from Henn GmbH, the trading firm run by his father and brother.