The Henn family’s philosophy has always encompassed the view that gemstones are ‘gifts of the universe’, precious pieces that one never actually ‘owns’ but rather curates, nurtures and treasures for future generations. Some of our finest rare gems reside in museums and with discerning institutions, to be enjoyed by a wider audience, while others are cherished within private collections throughout the world.

Working with fine gemstones brings a tremendous responsibility, whether they be extremely rare collectors’ pieces, the occasional antique acquisition or more recent discoveries, some of them in the rough. From Paraiba tourmalines through Kashmir sapphires, and rubies to tsavorite garnets, each piece which passes through the hands of the Henn family is curated with the same deep respect and appreciation. Some precious stones are selected for the creation of exceptional objets d’art, others as the starting point for an exquisite jewel and yet more are destined purely for the collectors’ market. Where they are cut, shaped or carved this is always managed with expertise by the finest craftspeople, in a manner that is mindful of the materials’ intrinsic qualities: colour, luminosity, clarity and shape. Provenance, preservation and attention to detail are the key elements in every undertaking, with inherent beauty and superlative quality as constant guides.

Integrity, passion and expert knowledge combined with lifetimes of experience are at the very core of the Henn ethos and this is reflected in the recognition and admiration that we have gained worldwide over four successive generations within the fine gemstone business.