Red Spinel Ring Design

Sketches are developed in close contact with the client. For us the gem is always the starting point and here the drawings show how every angle has been considered in the context of the quality, colour and scale of the precious 14.93 ct. stone. The ring is harmoniously drawn using flowing curves in platinum with fancy shaped diamonds, which further enhance the spinel at its heart.

Red Spinel Ring

This stunning gem from Tanzania was the only octagonal form that we cut from the original collection of stones in the rough and it exhibits an extremely rare, very vivid red with a special pink hue. The remarkably deep colour and the perfect proportions of the emerald-cut spinel are gloriously presented in an elegant open setting, designed to highlight the rare gem’s sheer beauty from all angles. The refined lines in the platinum setting are enriched by E/F-vvs diamond detailing which also extends down the ring shank. Classical finesse combined with a splendid gemstone define this contemporary statement piece by Henn of London.